Winifred Adams

Founder of the Global Association of Medical Intuitives

Radio Host • Professional Wellness Speaker

CPT • Iridologists • Herbologists • Best Selling Author 

For over twenty years, Winifred Adams has been using her unique healing gifts to help people all over the world.  Helping generations of families including a celebrity clientele, Winifred has been a conduit for the Divine with her Medical Intuition and expertise in Body System Health and Emotional Healing.

Having worked with CEO’s and CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies, Winifred has inspired thousands with her public and private seminars.  For the third year running, Winifred has been voted Humanitarian of the Year for her healing work.  She was voted Entertainer of the Year for her worldwide radio show, Making Life Brighter, and Writer of the Year for her article on Conscious Training.

As a student of Consciousness Training for 20 years studying with Enlightened Masters, Winifred has honed her healing and mediumsitic skills for healing body systems and emotional traumas.  With over 10,000 hours of tapping, Winifred is considered a Master Tapper, using her combined mediumship with her innate gifts as an empath creating astounding results in real time.

 Winifred is also an award-winning singer/songwriter and an official voting member of the Grammy’s.  As a jewelry designer creating ‘fine jewelry with meaning’, Designs by Winifred has been collected and worn by people all over the world, including celebrities.

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