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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Holistic Experts Compilation Book: 15 Chapters by Holistic Professionals Who Share Fundamental Information on Areas of Their Expertise

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Holistic Experts Compilation Book: 15 Holistic Professionals Share Fundamental Information on Areas of Their Expertise. In this amazing itty Bitty book fifteen practitioners provide you with their expertise on the different systems of the connection of the body mind spirit. • Winifred Adams – The Secret Behind Medical Intuition • April Braswell – Soul Essence Love • Chantalynn – What Makes Your Heart Sing? • Jocelyne Eberstein – Stress is NOT Sexy • Dr. Elena Eustache – How to Be Feminine • Dr. Elena Eustache – The Cure for Your Broken Heart • Susan Daya Hamwi – CALM conversation with anyone about anything • Deborah Harper – Ascending to a New Reality • India Holloway – Everything Begins in The Gut • Micaela Passeri – Mastering The Roller Coaster of Life • Michelle Perkins -You and Your Money – A Happy Couple? • Dawn Rose – Stress and the Body-Mind Connection • Lucie Tesarova – Avoid the Ugly Trap of Setting Flat Goals • Mellissa Tong – How to Apply Storytelling In Marketing? • Cheryl Walker – Family and Systemic Constellations. If you are interest in learning more about the body mind spirit connection pick up a copy of this Itty Bitty® book today, meet our authors and expand your knowledge.

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