Modalaties of Healing

Below are listed healing modalities Winifred utilizes in healing sessions.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

A healing modality that works to release underlying emotional issues subconscious or conscious.  This is a technique all people benefit from but especially those who suffer from PTSD, Abuse, Traumatic events, acute and chronic ailments and pain.  This is an especially powerful technique, coupled with Winifred’s Medical Intuitive skills, giving instant results.


Tuning Fork Therapy

can be a deeply transformative and relaxing modality.  The particular forks that are used are for their healing vibratory frequency, not necessarily their audible sound.  The frequency powerfully travels the meridians assisting the body systems and organs associated. The gentle frequency of the tuning forks soothes the body, harmonizing all systems.


Crystal Quartz Tuning Bowls

Tuning bowls are powerful healing tools that have long been used through ancient cultures to realign the energy of the body.  Crystal Quartz Tuning Bowl Therapy is a resonant therapy where the person feels the note of the bowl deeply through their core. In each session Winifred also uses vocalization and toning with the bowl to produce a deep shift from within the core of a person helping to release blockages and retune the body to optimize all system function.


Crystal Bed Therapy

Crystal Bed Therapy, is one of the most relaxing and healing therapies that is passive.  Vogel crystals act like lasers to direct colored light to each chakra system thereby amplifying the energy of the chakra and realigning the systems, allowing the body to harmonize and heal.  This is useful for all people and coupled with the Amethyst Bio Mat, is a deeply relaxed state for healing any issues in the body. The Bio Mat acts as an immune stimulant and a lymph flush, while the amethyst amplifies the effect, cleansing the auric field of the body, simultaneously. The combined effect is transformative and healing.



Is the study of the colored portion of the iris which relates to body systems.  Using a map of the iris, Winifred is able to assess weakened body systems.  The iris is long been known to be a road map to body system constitutions and showing weakened tissues within the body.  This is a very accurate and in depth body system analysis.  Winifred usually combines this modality with applied kinesiology and is able to determine and recommend supplements to help strengthen weakened system.


Body System Analysis

includes, a medical intuition consult combined with Iridology, Applied Kinesiology, and Herbology and sometimes hand scan technology.  A comprehensive approach to see what your body is telling you.


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