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"Get inspired, uplifted and shine from the inside out with Winifred's latest book!  Seven amazing women will move you with their stories of brilliance and hope.  Find out how a failed National Anthem to Singing God Bless America at Shea stadium changed Winifred's life and gave her a unique perspective for her healing work today."

#1 Amazon Best Seller & Winifred’s 1st Book

The Silver Lining of Cancer

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Our Mission

Winifred Adams and Making Life Brighter is dedicated to optimizing one’s health in an effort toward balanced equipoise, benefiting the body and welcoming the light of spirit into our daily life.  Balanced expression of spirit through the human body in turn radiates to the world around  us, spreading joy. Joy is the inherent birthright of every living creature on Planet Earth.

There is no time like NOW.  GO JOLLY!


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