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“My life has been a quest for higher truth, deeper meaning and underlying root causes. My discoveries have taken me on a profound journey of awakened consciousness, while seeing the love and perfection in all things. It is this awareness that allows for healing and Divine inspiration. It is this inspiration that I have desired, my entire life, to share with others.” W~

Employing an extensive ‘tool kit’ for healing, Medical Intuitive and Master Healer, Winifred Adams tackles even the most difficult symptoms and ailments.

Healing is achieved utilizing EFT (emotional freedom technique), Iridology, Energy Healing, Sound healing, and an extensive background in body system health and biomechanics. Combining her profound healing skills, Winifred employs a dedicated and loving compassion to achieve results for those suffering with chronic and acute ailments and pain.

Winifred Adams is most known for her expertise combining intuitive skills and highly empathic nature, coupled with tapping, for instant and often times what seem like miraculous results.

Using a keenly honed empathic gift, coupled with extensive experience and knowledge of body system health, herbology, and energy healing, Winifred’s rare skill set allows her to accurately assist people garnering results in live time.

Winifred’s accuracy is proven repeatedly over a 20 year period of healing.  Assisting both groups and individuals, clients experience Live-Time healing, relief and a coherent understanding of themselves, which in turn assists the persons to heal much more quickly while resolving underlying emotional issues.  Introducing Consciousness Meditation Evenings, participants hone their skills in focus, while receiving the benefit of transformed and renewed body systems.  (See Testimonial page)

Energy Healing/Emotional Healing/Body System Analysis can be applied in office or long distance, via computer or phone using Skype or FaceTime. Winifred can do both hands on or remote healings.  Additional modalities include the Crystal Bed, Sound Healing using tuning forks and crystal quartz tuning bowls, Body Scan technology, Iridology, and Herbology.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in French, Winifred fell into the world healing beginning as an Exercise Therapist, biomechanical expert.  This led to the natural next step of a healing corporation incorporating personal training, bio mechanical rehab, and body system health.

At the age of 24, Winifred was already teaching holistic health modalities for the Tree of Light Institute and went on to expand and hone her passion for optimizing body system health using herbology.  Realizing her extensive empathic gifts, Winifred took her skills of healing to the next level incorporating Energy Healing and Sound Healing.  Always searching for the root of an issue, Winifred then incorporated EFT which set her on a path of ‘extreme healing,’ rounding out her extensive healing ‘tool box.’ Extending her passion for healing, Winifred hosts a radio show on the VoiceAmerica Network every Thursday at 10am PST/ 1pm EST. (See Radio page)

Winifred has successfully served people across the country and worldwide for over 20 years, with emotional healing, bio mechanical issues, and body system health.  Whether it is taking on a terminal case or a very serious trauma or illness, Winifred’s skills are immediately applied for profound change.

With a new book out Fall 2017 and as a member of the National Speaker Association, Winifred will be taking her healing and speaking skills on tour come Spring 2018, so that “larger groups can experience the healing.”

Winifred is also an award-winning singer/songwriter and a Grammy Member. Her poetry has been published worldwide. She is the creator of Designs by Winifred TM, a line of “Fine Jewelry With Meaning,” based on her love of natural crystals and gemstones depicting the healing energy and meaning of the stones combined with an eye for aesthetic.

“Life, for me, is the conscious appreciation and respect toward our world, nature, and those whom we share this journey, big and small, inanimate and animate. My healing work is art within a body and my exterior artwork of jewelry and music is an extension of healing. All are an exercise in applying loving truth.” W~

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