Meditation and Extreme Healing With Medical Intuitive Winifred Adams



Deeply Relaxing & Powerful Healing Alignment with Spirit

Medical Intuitive/Master Quantum Healer, :Winifred guides participants through transformative, spiritually-aligned-meditations coming to a proper zero-point equilibrium using par se syntax grammar for a powerful experience. Using quantum mathematics, grammar and the Divine Light of Spirit, each journey is an exquisite journey in and through the quantum field.


These one-of-a-kind live healing meditations connect you deeply with your spirit and are in concert with energy by the Masters, Archangels, Divine White Light Beings, Council of 7, Council of 13, Indian Spirit Guides and many more.  This is a LIVE experience for all who attend.


Join us as we continue this profound journey of soul alignment, light journeying, sacred sound attunement, and tuning in to the living sacred geometry grid.  Healing both participants, mankind, and Earth, each :quantum-healing-meditation is a Divine, unique experience taking one deeper into the still space of one’s spirit potential.


This is considered SACRED SPACE for all attendees.
These are done 2x per month on an annual subscription.
Beginner and Advanced Levels
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Each meditational evening is geared toward the specifics of the group that night.  Winifred expertly guides participants to their spirit and beyond.  With a host of Heavenly Helpers such as Masters, Arc Angels and Saints, the room is buzzing with Divine Light and energy that is undeniably super-charged.

In each Session, Winifred does healing for each and every participant, combining her innate skills of medical intuition and Divine Guidance to remove energy blocks and assist the person to a profound Live-Time Extreme Healing.®

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In groups of 20-30 for in house gatherings

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Meditation Testimonials


On 3/1/2018 I joined Winifred Adams by phone to do a master meditation with her group.  She is also the owner of Making Life Brighter.  

 It was a very profound and moving experience for me.  I could feel the energies in my body as well as in the room of my home moving and vibrating in tune with the spirit in meditation.You can feel the Spiritual Helpers that come and move the energy… It helps you shave off old garbage and bring in new and higher energies that can help you personally.  It is a direct path into your spiritual soul to transmute your DNA to be able to dive back into the universe. These Masters that work with Winifred carry Christed energy and do fall back into all that is….to the original spark.

 I have had pain for over 23 years and at the end of the two meditations, I was pain-free, for the first time!

 She is wonderful and profound at being able to do this healing work.  She teaches you to be able to go back and do this daily.  You take notes and it helps with spirit communication, confidence, and training to shave off Kama to get to one’s HEART quickly.You learn to default to the heart in your life, to release and feel no judgement. You learn to drop into your heart at a moments notice. This is training to BE IN YOUR HEART, always.

 There were 2 profound meditations; the first one took us to another universe, to the central sun and back into our universe and our sun. The second meditation was to the Sacred Waterfall, a blessed wonder of the world.  It takes you down to and through the waterfall…..taking and releasing all unnecessary weight that we carry around.

 It was so deep and profound that it is hard to explain the feeling.  You are so much at peace and free.  It is a magical Blessing.  I can only imagine what it would be like with others in the room. I did this over the phone in Fresno while she and her group were in Malibu.

 Blessings for all your work Winifred, your my friend and a beautiful Angel!

-Blessings, Deon Patrice McCracken

                Fresno, California

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