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In each session, Winifred uses her years of experience coupled with her gifts of intuition and empathy to help a person realize optimum health.  As a Medical Intuitive, Winifred can sense things in people’s bodies and helps to uncover how this came to be.  Through practical evaluations she is able to find the weakened systems and suggests pinpointed programs that will help the person to heal naturally.

Locations: New York, Los Angeles, and Worldwide by Zoom.

Business Hours: 10am – 7pm Tuesday to Thursday, by appointment only

My experience through Winifred’s workshop was an awakening.  The information was thought provoking and life changing.  This priceless information is a unique opportunity for all to create a ripple of healing.  Inner healing and growth are inevitable through working with Winifred.  If you’re ready for a life change, this is it.   

– Liz Todd

I was pleasantly surprised to have experienced EFT again as it had been many years since treatment was available. It was very, very soft and gentle with extended relaxation for the day! I’m very pleased that I can use “tapping” as a tool to manage daily stresses.

– Eleanor Leighton

I had an amazing session with Winnie.  She made me release some inner anxiety and in turn that released the pressure causing my vertigo.  I can’t say enough about this natural process.  Don’t be afraid to try it.

– Beth Kellogg