I will do my best to try and keep concise my otherwise overwhelming feelings surrounding my incredible experience with Winifred. I came to Winifred to help me deal with a chronic and painful kidney stone issue that has been recurring for over 20 years. In the last year, it had gotten progressively worse, and now was dramatically interfering with my daily life, as well as my mental state. I am only 41 years old yet felt like I was nearing my deathbed with the daily pain, constant anxiety and frustration I was experiencing almost non stop. Day one of working with Winifred, the stone that had been in my kidney for about 8 years, and causing bleeding and excruciating pain for the last year, finally passed from my kidney out into my bladder, and 2 days later passed completely out of my body. Shock, disbelief, relief, and absolute joy are just a few of the words I can find to describe how I felt in that moment. SInce that time, the pain in my right kidney is gone and there is no more bleeding. When i came to Winifred, I thought we were just going to deal with my stones. What I received was a windfall more than that. She actually got to the ROOT of the problem, at such a deeper level and uncovered things I had no idea I was holding, and that were affecting me physically, even affecting other parts of my body systems that I was unaware of. Emotional tension patterns I had been storing, feelings I had been holding on to..and the problems it was creating in me..began to surface and unravel under her guidance. It is hard to put into words this process and how it has unfolded, and how I feel after having sessions with her. I can say that, yes the stone is gone, and also I feel like I am walking through life with new lenses..or maybe better to say, that the old lenses are being cleared and removed. Winifred is not only extremely skilled, but beautifully humble, and is able to hold such a safe space for the healing process. I am forever grateful, and will continue to work with her for as long as I need to, and then even longer, just because it has been such a gift having her in my life.


Nicole Faustino

My experience through Winifred’s workshop was an awakening.  The information was thought provoking and life changing.  This priceless information is a unique opportunity for all to create a ripple of healing.  Inner healing and growth are inevitable through working with Winifred.  If you’re ready for a life change, this is it.   

– Liz Todd

I was pleasantly surprised to have experienced EFT again as it had been many years since treatment was available. It was very, very soft and gentle with extended relaxation for the day! I’m very pleased that I can use “tapping” as a tool to manage daily stresses.

– Eleanor Leighton

My experience through Winifred’s workshop was an awakening.  The information was thought provoking and life changing.  This priceless information is a unique opportunity for all to create a ripple of healing.  Inner healing and growth are inevitable through working with Winifred.  If you’re ready for a life change, this is it.   

– Liz Todd



Winifred’s healings are life changing. She immediately zeroes in on how your organs are working and what needs to be done as well as identifying their emotional roots and helps you work on clearing them and bringing balance to the body. I’ve noticed more clarity and less soreness in my body and things that normally would have an emotional-anxiety inducing charge before are now neutralized. I realized by my 5th session she has given me the tools to continue the healing process and smoothing out any obstacles that may pop up. She’s amazing and I’m so grateful for her.

Adrienne F

Winifred Adams generously shares her intelligence, enthusiasm and great energy with a natural and straight forward talent as an interviewer. I have been interviewed many times and she is one of the best. Winifred has a true knack for following her intuitive sense of how best to share her subject with her radio listeners. I am personally delighted when she asks me to join her as I know we will go places together that will surprise and deepen whatever we might be exploring in the interview. Bravo and done, Winifred! 

Leigh J. McCloskey

During thirty years of being interviewed on radio and television shows, Winifred Adams was one of the best radio hosts I have ever had to interview me. She knew the material really well, was organized and asked excellent questions. Her voice was calm and very clear. Her questions helped to bring the best out of what I had to teach and say.

Dr. Ellie T Jensen

At age 1, my son developed bacterial meningitis and was very sick. While he was in the hospital, Winifred Adams told me over the phone several things to do with him that seemed to make a positive difference. Then she came and spent several hours working with him directly in the hospital. I participated in these exercises and I must admit I could literally feel what I would describe as a cascade of energized particles flowing between me and my son. He did improve significantly after these treatments.

As an allopathic physician and surgeon, I certainly believe in and employ traditional western medicine. But I also believe that there are certain aspects of healing that are not well understood and cannot currently be explained by science. Therefore, I think that alternative treatments such as those performed by Winifred can be a powerful adjunct to traditional medicine. Winifred and I met through a mutual patient of ours, and I again I must admit that treating this patient along with Winifred exposed me to a number of interesting and powerful experiences. I endorse her healing skills wholeheartedly.

Jason Fitzgerald, MD


Winifred Adams is the most iconic spiritual mentor one could have. She gives of herself nobly, helping others to become a compelling individual. She tackles a range of obstacles we all have in our life, including those less ‘fun’ or popular: death of a loved one, medical crises, mayhem, or just blowing off steam. Learning how to handle them, shape and define us. My work with Winifred has provided me clarity from removing those things holding me back to what is to be. Her method is simple, yet powerful elements of truth, what it takes, what to do and how to do it. Winifred is the very essence of my success, both personally and professionally – thank you!

Connie Pheiff, Chair & CEO, Pheiff Group, Inc.

“At an annual check up, I received news that I had HPV, as well as an abnormal PAP.  At 48 years old, it is very unnerving to discover you have a sexually transmitted disease, no matter how common it is or how many decades it can lie dormant in the body. Yet, it was the potential progression to cervical cancer that scared the hell out of me.  Winifred was the only healer I spoke with about the condition, and immediately she gave me a game plan to holistically arrest the symptoms .  I bought the remedies she advised, and after the next round of testing, it was determined I had no signs of abnormal cervical cells.  Her calm insistence that I take care of this situation right away put me in action, and not in fear.  I would recommend her for any kind of female issue that onsets.”  

K.O., Los Angeles

 “Winifred is an amazing facilitator for healing myself.  I am always looking for someone to help me through my own stuff so I can be clear for the people that I help.  After attending one of Winifred’s healing circles, I immediately began to shift.”


“Winifred clearly brings energy to the collective, that touches your soul and spirit with an overwhelming peace within.  I left with a burst of powerful brightness and an uplifting calm to my body system.  Whether it be a physical or emotional issue you are facing, you can feel healing taking place.  Energy shifted within my body, my belief that I am empowered is and was validated and that I AM in partnership with Source energy within the collective energy of who I am.  Overall, I feel enlightened and empowered to face my challenges with clarity and confidence.  Winifred is knowledgeable in all aspects of healing energy….very wise and spiritually connected.  I am grateful for this experience, and am looking forward to next healing sessions with Winifred.”

Tanya Grace

 I’ve done a handful of one-on-one life-changing sessions with Winifred.  I didn’t know what to expect, but in true Winifred-fashion, she helped me transform my life in a group setting as well!  We all felt an intense power that can only be described through feeling it.  Her work continues to astound me every day, everywhere I go.  Winifred held a meeting for all of us and although I slept only 3 hours and had to travel for this talk, I left feeling energized and full of life!”

Natasha Slayton

“I had not idea what to expect when I came to a class with Winifred, but my class with her was profound.  It seemed to answer everything I was working on and even things I didn’t even know I was working on.  I’m very excited to continue on  my journey in her guidance.”

Julia H.

 “There is energy that gets created with and by Winifred that lifts the spirit and brings light into mind, body and soul.  I can’t really pinpoint it, but life changes every time I spend time with Winifred.  She is a gift of God to humanity and life itself and I am grateful for her being part of my life.  We are pure energy and we consistently change.  Thank God for that.  And thank you, Winifred.”

Lots of Love to you, Corinna Cott


“Winifred’s work is deep and powerful.  I have been challenged with health issues, loss, and keeping to myself.  The shifts I am having are immediate.  She is truly a master healer.  I love the group setting and the feeling of love all around me.  I feel more connected to source.  I am looking forward to working more with her. So much to learn!”

Cheryl Jones


“I’m a RN & had an unforgettable healing session with Winifred. It was like no other alternative therapy session that I have ever had. By using her 20+ years of experience she was able to determine what was causing my “quirky” issues that no one else has ever been able to figure out. As a medical intuitive Winifred was able to individualize the best healing path for me. My session with Winifred was very inspiring.”

Dawn S. MA

“I feel that each of the private sessions I’ve had with you has been worth thousands of dollars in the benefits on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels and have accomplished light years of letting go of unhealthy and unproductive thinking patterns and emotional ways of operating in life.  Nothing else I’ve tried over the last thirty years has worked so efficiently and immediately.  I’m so looking forward to a ‘brighter life!’  Thank you so much!”

Mary Lou Hanlon

“If I could use only one word to describe the experiences I have had with Winifred Adams, it would be amazing. I don’t know how Winifred does it, but she uses her intuitive gifts and skills to bring to the forefront and then aids you in identifying your emotional issues, blocks, and unhealthy ties that are causing your physical issues and discomfort. She does this with astounding insight and unwavering compassion. Winifred helps one understand one’s physical issues are tied to the emotional in a very tangible way. And in order for one to accept the healing work Winifred performs, one must be open to putting in the “emotional work” that needs to be accomplished. I have experienced Winifred in seminar settings and in multiple personal one-on-one sessions and have been in awe of her each and every time. Winifred’s integrity is clearly evident from the thought, time, energy, and commitment she puts into her sessions, seminars, and other endeavors. I feel very blessed to have met Winifred and feel very fortunate to continue to be one of her clients. Being on the receiving end of Winifred’s intuitive gifts and skills is an opportunity one should definitely not let pass by.”

Ronda Zion

“I had the pleasure of attending Winifred’s iridology workshop on September 10, 2016.  I found Winifred to have a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the etiology of conditions caused by toxins from parasites, bacteria, and the environment.  Winifred blends her intuitive knowing and understanding of physiology with herbal remedies to delve into and help resolve the root cause of conditions often leading to chronic illness or disease. She focuses on balance, leading toward whole and complete health resulting in an increase in quality of life.”

Connie Marcheck

“I was at the lowest point in my life when I met Winifred. It felt like all of the walls were closing in on me and I could no longer control my depressing thoughts. In less than a month, Winifred has not only helped me heal from the pain I’ve endured in the past, but she has helped me gain perspective in ways I’ve never had before. I no longer feel the anxiety take over and can assess and process troubles in my life from a more authentic place. I feel truly blessed to have foundWinifred. She literally saved my life.”


“I was pleasantly surprised to have experienced EFT again as it had been many years since treatment was available. It was very, very soft and gentle with extended relaxation for the day! I’m very pleased that I can use “tapping” as a tool to manage daily stresses.”

Eleanor Leighton

“I was dealing with some emotional stress for some time and I started taking the flower essences. Soon enough I felt what I had been keeping inside for years rise to the surface. I was able to let go of all that grief and anger. The flower essences definitely gave me the courage to move past those issues!”

G Gonzalez, CA

“I suffered from Insomnia, panic attacks, IBS, Hashimoto Disease, Diabetes,  and Asthma.  I had been searching for solutions to all my  health issues all of my life, only to be put on  more and more medical prescriptions, to no avail. After meeting Winifred Adams my whole life has changed for the better.  She was able to get to the root of all my health issues unlike the medical community.  By using some of her analysis tools, she was able to pinpoint what systems were weakened and how to better optimize them. I cannot say enough about how Winifred has changed my  life in so many ways.  I feel my body has been given “new life.”  Love yourself enough to do the same.”


Pastor Susan Robillard

“Winifred’s presentation on iridology and herbology offers useful tools for promoting well being and overall good health.  Her easy style and comprehensive approach helps us to understand our body systems and use this knowledge to help others.  Thank you for sharing your intuitive gift with us!”


Carol Pelletier Radford Ed.D. MentoringinAction.com

“I had an amazing session with Winnie.  She made me release some inner anxiety and in turn that released the pressure causing my vertigo.  I can’t say enough about this natural process.  Don’t be afraid to try it.”


Beth Kellogg

“Last year I got a diagnosis of ovarian cancer and did the usual things: surgery and four rounds of chemo directly into my abdomen. I also changed my whole life style moving out of one stress filled environment. My cancer markers came down to practically nothing and I was feeling good. After a year the cancer returned with a vengeance as I thought about the shoulds of returning to the stress filled life I had lived before. I felt such guilt the cancer returned to remind me I needed to take care of myself at this time. I had been doing a lot of tapping and still I knew I had to go deeper to really release the past gnawing at me on the inside. On a retreat to Sedona I had the good fortune to hear another participant say how tapping had saved her life! When the cancer returned I found out who she had seen and made an appointment with Winifred. I got someone to drive me to Malibu (chemo brain wasn’t ready to drive) and it has been life changing. I wasn’t really able to push myself to let go of 40 year old stuff or the more recent guilt trips and yet with Winifred it all poured out of me. She is so intuitive and connected with what I was feeling even though I couldn’t articulate it myself. I was able to move from Fear into my true nature-LOVE. Emotions aren’t logical so tapping and releasing is the only way to move on and allow the healing to emerge. My interactions with Winifred have totally opened up new healing avenues to me as we continue to build up my body’s strength.”


Georgia Bradley, Culver City, CA

“I would have the world know of my wonderful resource named Winifred Adams.  For 20 plus years she has provided guidance for my health.  She uses her awesome insight, directing specific applications of vitamins, minerals and herbs that bring personal direction, well being, self alliance and ultimate healing.  Incurring a brain injury as I did in addition to what is everyday, brought forth her absolute expertise.  Herbs couples with a designed diet and constant monitoring have heavily influenced the return of the damaged portion of the brain.  The surgeon is ecstatic when viewing the catscans.  Who ever you are I recommend you seek her assistance.”


F Bennett, CO - 81 Years old

“We took our 5 year old son to visit Winifred for throat and stomach pain.  After two sessions, Winifred was able to identify what was troubling Davis emotionally and physically.  Placing my son on a course of herbs and supplements, he is not complaining of his pain anymore.  With the transition of starting Kindergarten and a new school, my son had anxiety that was manifesting in his throat.  Winifred was able to unlock this energy and point him in a positive direction.  We are extremely grateful to Winifred for her expertise and healing power.”


W. Withers, Woodland Hills CA

“We took our 5 year old son to visit Winifred for throat and stomach pain.  After two sessions, Winifred was able to identify what was troubling Davis emotionally and physically.  Placing my son on a course of herbs and supplements, he is not complaining of his pain anymore.  With the transition of starting Kindergarten and a new school, my son had anxiety that was manifesting in his throat.  Winifred was able to unlock this energy and point him in a positive direction.  We are extremely grateful to Winifred for her expertise and healing power.”


W. Withers, Woodland Hills CA

“I had an amazing session with Winifred yesterday and it was something I have never experienced. I went mostly out of curiosity because, honestly, I didn’t know much about her, but went with the flow. One look at her and I think OK, She is beautiful in looks and body. She is going to tell me you are overweight and you are on the verge of a heart attack, so eat a balanced diet with whole, organic raw foods and exercise regularly. Oh, yeah, and drink plenty of filtered water. Vitamins this and herb that. And that would be it. The same old song and dance. 

There was absolutely non of that. She is so not her stereotype. The image in my mind anyway. Forgive meWinifred.I was so wrong. If my judgements played out as they often do, I probably would have walked away without the blessings I gained from her yesterday. I cannot tell you how unassuming she is. I get so flustered by people who I deem better than me. And that is something that I need to work on and I am. It is a work in progress.

Winifred did this whole assessment of my body. She did iridology and other things which I can’t explain. I watched and listened to her and experienced the direct connection she has to Spirit while directing me through the process of healing. We used tapping (EFT) to facilitate the changes needed in my body systems to function correctly. We worked on stuck imprints of my abuse that has held me back from being my true powerful me. And handed it all back to my abusers. It was a powerful exchange. And I learned the truths about me yesterday. My mother and sister came through to aid in that healing. It wasn’t so easy to forgive my mother, but I went with it anyway. Winifred, just kept saying, don’t think about it, just go with it. Just go with it. As we were tapping, she and Spirit were honing into all of my guilt, regrets and grief. Exchanging that for release, forgiveness and freedom. I learned how important and powerful ego is in the destruction of health and well-being. I watched and felt the direct attack that my ego played as my spirit/soul was trying to gain control of my healing process. I began to stutter as I repeated the words Winifred were uttering during the tapping process. I got flustered and embarrassed about it. She explained that my stuttering was my ego fighting the change. I can’t even say all that transpired in me yesterday. All I know is a lot was lifted from my heart. So much more to go but this whole process is a huge advantage. By the way, doors were opening up by themselves during our session. Hmmmmm, or were they?”



“Without sounding too overly dramatic, I found Winifred after what I would classify as my rock bottom… From the outside it probably appeared that I had it together and was living a pretty good life… I was pursuing my dreams as a professional dancer/choreographer, living in Los Angeles while running a successful personal training company on the side… I was in great shape, living in a great apartment, driving a nice car, made pretty good money, always had places to go, “friends” to go out with, a family back home to visit on the holidays. But the reality of my life wasn’t all that great… In actuality, I was in a very unhealthy relationship, living with an emotionally unstable roommate, I was in debt all the time, drank too much alcohol, always striving to prove myself in the professional “dance world” I worked in, I never felt supported by my family (as much as they tried to support me,) and in reality I didn’t have many real friends, I had acquaintances. There were certain situations in relationships whether: work, romantic, friends, & family, that would happen over and over again- maybe not every month, but regularly, like a cycle and when someone new would come into the picture, it would happen again sooner or later. Most of the time I was anxious, I didn’t trust anyone, I was always in competition with others around me and myself, I carried a lot of guilt, resentment, anger, fear and never really felt safe or secure… Sounds like I could barely function but on the outside I looked like I lived a somewhat glamorous life…


So without giving out all the details of my life, something happened that finally made me say “Enough,” I have to change my life now, if this isn’t a big enough SIGN from the heavens above, my Spirit, my angels, then nothing will be. It’s sad that sometimes we have to fall that hard to make a change but looking back I’m grateful it did happen bc without it, I would probably still be living a lie.


After this disastrous event occurred, I started to put the pieces of my life back together, I immediately cut the abusive on & off again boyfriend out of my life, quit drinking, and started going to Agape, a Spiritual Center, for service on Sunday’s and to an open “EFT” tapping circle that they do once a month… After the second tapping circle I attended, I approached the practitioner after class to see if I could hire her for private sessions. Long story short she wasn’t available to but referred me to WinifredAdams, whom was her tapping coach & told me that Winifred was a Master Practitioner and Knew that what ever I needed help with Winifred could more than help me, she said, “she charges more than I do but she’s like 10sessions in 1, she can help you very quickly.” The thing was, I had just hit “rock bottom,” was already in debt and low on funds for another expense but there was something that told me “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” you need to make it work and I’m forever grateful for following that voice.”



“I was severely injured after hitting my back on a large rock while surfing!  I was surfing on a six foot wave and trying to make it around a well known, large rock obstacle that I have navigated many times before so to extend my surfing ride.  Unfortunately, I did not make it around the rock and slammed into it going full speed.  I had just enough time to tuck and twist and my lower back took the impact.  My initial thought after hitting the rock was that I broke my back.  The pain was very intense and I could hardly move.  A neighbor and my wife helped me limp home.   I immediately went to a doctor who took x-rays.  Luckily it wasn’t broken.  I was in too much pain to get an MRI so I went home to ice it and get the swelling down.

The pain was getting more and more severe.  I could not bend or sit at all without feeling like a hot knife was sticking into my back.  My back nerves were on fire.  During the next few weeks, I visited doctors, chiropractors, did accupuncture.  I could not sit in a car and had to lie flat on my stomach in the back seat of the car while my wife took me to these appointments.  Nothing was helping.  Getting in and out of bed was a nightmare.  Sometimes it would take me 15 to 20 minutes just to figure a way how to get into or out of bed.  When the pain hit me, I would literally scream.

Shortly after the accident happened, my friend, Winifred Adams, heard about my accident emailed me and offered to help me.  I knew Winifred was a wonderful, loving person and had much talent in physical, emotional and spiritual therapy.  At the time of her offer, I was in so much pain and was really worried that I really hurt myself badly and really did some permanent damage.  I felt I needed “a real doctor” and politely declined her offer.   After several weeks of appointments with “real doctors” and not much relief, I decided to give Winifred a try.  At this time, I was in so much pain and was so humbled by this experience that I was ready to try anything to get some relief.

It was too painful for me to get into a car and so I walked the approximate three quarters of a mile to Winifred’s house.  The walk was more like a slow shuffle, with both of my hands supporting my back while I slowly inched along.  It took my about forty minutes to make the trek to Winifred’s home.  When I got to her home, Winifred immediately looked into my eyes and assessed the situation and knew what to do.   I know every situation is different, but with my situation, she said that she could really help me.  She explained to me that I wasn’t healing because I still had a tremendous amount of emotional trauma and guilt from the accident and my body was not yielding because of this.  I became like a trusting child and listened to her every word.

For the next two and one half hours, Winifred worked with me!  She did emotional work, spiritual work and physical work.  I won’t get into specifics as every situation is unique and I don’t want to mislead anyone or seem that there is a certain formula for healing the same way.  I was extremely receptive to Winifred’s treatments and guidance and followed her direction.  She was very calm and loving throughout the whole process.  Finally, she smiled and said I was done and to climb off of her therapy table.  It originally took me about 5 minutes to climb onto her table as I was in so much pain when I moved the wrong way so I was scared that I would soon feel the cut of the knife into my back again.  I slowly climbed off the table and there was absolutely no pain.   Winifred then smiled at me and then told me to sit down in her chair.  I again was nervous as I had not actually sat down on anything for about three weeks because of the intense pain.  I slowly obeyed her and tried sitting.  I was waiting for the pain to hit but it never came.  I was free!

After our session, I walked home normally.  The old man shuffle was gone.  I made it home in about 10 minutes instead of 40.  When I got home, my wife looked at me with disbelief and asked me what happened.  I smiled and said “Winifred.”

Thank you so much Winifred for this wonderful, powerful healing experience!  I know that every healing does not happen this quickly and sometimes, maybe most times it is a process, but i am forever grateful for you for guiding me back to my true self.  With much love and gratitude.”


Jeff Louks

“I started seeing Winifred in July 2014 (2 times a month) and by February of 2015, my life completely changed for the better. It’s now October of 2015 and I don’t even know who that person is from February. I now see Winifred (via Skype) once a month because I travel the world for my new job that I wouldn’t even consider work because I love what I do and who I work with so much. All of the anxiety, irritability, anger, fear, etc, that I used to carry around is almost absent (I am human;-) I am working towards (and it’s happening more & more, for longer periods of time) living in a neutral state of being; I actually find myself blissfully joyful and in gratitude more often than not. Now that I feel safe, secure and supported (by me:) I no longer have money issues and am actually saving money for my future.

So what does Winifred do? She has a rather large toolbox and as I mentioned I went to her because she is a Master EFT Practitioner but she offers way more than EFT. There’s something very powerful, intuitive, and non judgmental to her approach and beingness. Winifred does cut to the core of the issue from the get-go in an effective, loving manner… I call it “peeling the onion.” Every “issue” I’ve gone in with I’ve watch it unravelled or disappear from my reality and things that really use to be a problem for me just don’t exist anymore. I am returning to the playful soul I’ve always known myself to be; I’m learning to love on a deeper more meaningful level. I can’t Thank Winifred enough for virtually saving my life, helping me create and manifest a life better than what I could ever dream of!! Whatever you are going through in your life, really big things or just looking for some small changes, you won’t regret your time spent with Winifred; I truly believe she’s one of the best kept secrets of our generation as a healer and greater consciousness and I can’t wait to look back six months from now and see how far I’ve come:-)”



“I’ve been working with Winifred for a little over two months and the changes have been qualitative from the very first session. I’ve been to therapists in the past where I left feeling the same way I did when I arrived, with no resolutions. Talking, but no fixing. This has never been the case with Winifred. Each session has offered me healing, clarity, and progress. We have been working to eliminate the effects of emotional abuse, which for me included depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors. I have made tremendous progress in all three areas and I can confidently say that she has literally saved my life.

I recently went to Malibu for a healing intensive weekend and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can’t think of a more serene location for healing. Winifred has created a safe haven and I felt like I was at home – or more specifically, the home I always wanted, but never had. All of our previous sessions had been through Skype and it was fun to be in person and have the iridology and herbology testing done to establish a personal supplement plan. Plus, I was also able to experience the crystal bed, tuning fork therapy, sound healing, and hands on therapy, which were all wonderful additional modalities to the regular EFT sessions. It was intense as we did a lot of work in a short period of time, but it was completed at a comfortable pace with plenty of time for rest and rebooting with the crystal bed. It was such a beneficial experience and it has allowed me to make a giant leap forward in the healing process.

Working with Winifred has been an experience that I wish for all of the most important people in my life, and even people that I would have referred to as enemies in the past (before the EFT treatments, which have given me a sense of neutrality and peace toward them).”

Much Love,


Danielle, Spokane, WA

“Making Life Brighter” truly is making my life brighter! I went to Winifred after becoming sensitive to wireless technology and for emotional issues that I wanted to resolve.  Feeling hopeless and unguided by conventional routes of medicine I tried EFT and Herbs with Winifred at Making Life Brighter.  The first appointment I had with Winifred was the most detailed and comprehensive visit I have ever had regarding my health.  I truly was and still continue to be amazed by Winifred’s approach and treatment.  I went from not being able to work on a laptop and have a cell phone on near me to being able to talk using the speaker phone and use the wireless work equipment for my job again in 6 month’s.  I continue to see Winifred for day to day ailments and to just stay on top of my health simply because I want to feel great!

I recently had a few EFT appointments over skype with Winifred and I have had amazing results!  I had needed to tackle some emotional issues that I felt were keeping me from enjoying this wonderful life that I have.  Winifred is great at recognizing the source and addressing them during the sessions.  After years of feeling numb, isolated, the inability to love and receive love as I wished, I can truly say that I am finally happy and better yet, I can feel again!! All this naturally.  I am so thankful!

Always looking forward to my next appointment with Winifred!”


L. Chevoya, Central Valley

“Thanks Making Life Brighter!! I have been dealing with fatigue, brain fog, and difficulty waking up in the morning–if I’m lucky I’m up at 10 and if I am not, I am up at 12. My herbs arrived on a wed afternoon and immediately after taking the blue vervain I felt a sense of relief and well-being. My body was under a lot of stress and I didn’t even know it–I thought I was relaxed since I spent all my time sleeping and resting, but I wasn’t! I woke up at 9 in the morning the next day without an alarm. I went out with a friend and when I came back I was only a little tired instead of dead tired, and the next day I had enough energy that it was like I hadn’t gone out the day before. It is Tuesday now and I have been waking up at around 8 in the morning every day without an alarm and it much easier to think.”


K Goudey

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