Kotel v. Biden, et al., SCOTUS

IG COMPLAINT:Also please look at this

Last week 26 Feb 2022 I purposed that the DOD use force to remove Modulo from Venezuela due to the following:
1.  Illegitimate leader voted out of office
2.  Ties to cartels and terror groups
3.  Murders his own citizens
4.  Unlawful alliance with Russia and China
5.  On 6 separate occasions he threatened force against the united state via media

The benefits would be to give the country back to the parliament and have democracy again, removal of Russians and Chinese, and free up oil in this hemisphere for open market sales. 

INSTEAD:  Once it was run up the flag pole to state department it was leaked that state will be dealing with Muduro and that would legitimize him as the leader of that country. It would alienate the local populous and cause us more problems. Further there is still a $5 million bounty from President Trump’s time in office. This action cannot be taken, and would cause us to look even weaker. Further it would allow the Russians a strong foot hold in our area. It would be an illegal action by state, and don’t forget there are 9 us citizens still hostage there.