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Grammy winner M.B. Gordy of Opium Moon sits down with Winifred for Making Life Brighter Radio.

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Iridology, The Study of The Colored Portion of The Iris, with Jon Jensen with Winifred Adams, for Making Life Brighter.

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Lucy Pet Products Founder, Mr. Joey Herrick with Winifred Adams for Making Life Brighter Radio.

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Claudia Navone with Winifred Adams for Making Life Brighter Radio, discussing Claudia’s new book about her transformational journey into healing and channeling.  SHAPESHIFTER, only on Making Life Brighter!

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Outtake with Kirk Bradley—Artist, Rocket Scientist, and Visionary. With Winifred Adams for Making Life Brighter

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Outake with Commander and Chief RUSSELL-JAY:GOULD for Making Life Brighter Radio with host WINIFRED:ADAMS #2

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

Winifred Adams and special guest author Kenneth Kubernick

A Perfect Haze,  Big Shots, The Band, Hendrix and more!

Commander Gould

Making Life Brighter Outtakes:

The Man Who Captured the U.S. Flag

Commander & Chief Russel-Jay Gould interviewed on Making Life Brighter with host Winifred Adams July 2019

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Join us for this on-going series in Conversations in Consciousness:


The Man Who Captured the US Flag

Fact? or Fiction?  In the most compelling and controversial set of interviews ever to air on Making Life Brighter Radio so far, Winifred sits down with Global Commander and Chief, Russell-Jay:Gould.

In the series, Conversations in Consciousness: The Man Who Captured the US Flag, Winifred digs into how this man took over the US Flag, and how the Presidents from Clinton onward were well aware of this ‘patriotic act.’

Commander Gould is said to have all authorizations for the New Quantum Banking System, authorizations for international commerce and trade, 82 treaties with various countries and single-handly took on the government, dismantled the Federal Reserve, IRS and all “fraudulent” systems.  In the process he was arrested, beaten and eventually set free.

Hear it this astounding account from the man himself!

Thursday 7.18 at 10am PST/1pm EST
Only on the Health and Wellness Channell

We are in the second week of the most Controversial Interview Series Winifred has ever done!  Tune in to Making Life Brighter Radio this Thursday to hear the biggest cover-up ever conducted in the last epoch!

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During thirty years of being interviewed on radio and television shows, Winifred Adams was one of the best radio hosts  I have ever had to interview me. She knew the material really well, was organized and asked excellent questions. Her voice was calm and very clear. Her questions helped to bring the best out of what I had to teach and say”

– Dr. Ellen T Jensen

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Making Life Brighter is a show that is based on the latest in the field of natural healing, consciousness training, and all healing modalities. It is a forum for positive, inspiring and uplifting entertainment as well as contemplative thought, show casing authors, musicians, and artists. Pulling from a wide variety of interesting experts in their field, Winifred will bring to life topics to inspire and “make your life brighter!” Tune in every Thursday at 10am PST/ 1pm EST on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel.
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Winifred Adams is a well-known medical intuitive and healer, having spent twenty years honing her healing skill. Her work has helped countless numbers of people from Hollywood stars to CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies. She is most known for her ability to help seriously ill or traumatized people, specializing in body system health and emotional healing using her practical knowledge and expansive intuitive abilities. Winifred is also known for her jewelry line, Designs by Winifred. Winifred is an award-winning singer-songwriter.

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