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March 17, 2018
  • Indepth Healing Meditation

    March 17, 2018  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    An indepth night of healing meditation. Please RSVP

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Healing Within, Awakening and Alignment to Your Spirit Earth Healing

RSVP for Extreme Healing and Meditation evenings with Winifred.  Email: with name and phone number and you will be informed of upcoming Healing and Meditation Group Gatherings.

Each meditational evening is geared toward the specifics of the group that night.  Winifred expertly guides participants to their spirit and beyond.  With a host of Heavenly Helpers such as Masters, Arc Angels and Saints, the room is buzzing with Divine Light and energy that is undeniably super-charged.

In each Session, Winifred does healing for each and every participant, combining her innate skills of medical intuition and Divine Guidance to remove energy blocks and assist the person to a profound Live-Time Extreme Healing.®

People have been known to be affected by these healing evenings both near and far.

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Winifred Adams and Making Life Brighter is dedicated to optimizing one’s health in an effort toward balanced equipoise, benefiting the body and welcoming the light of spirit into our daily life.  Balanced expression of spirit through the human body in turn radiates to the world around  us, spreading joy. Joy is the inherent birthright of every living creature on Planet Earth.

There is no time like NOW.  GO JOLLY!


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