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The Maverick of Renewable Energy, Michael J Osborne

November 27, 2014: Listen


Michael J Osborne is the former Special Assistant to the General Manager for Energy Development at Austin Energy. Currently, he is serving as Chairman of the City Council appointed Generation Task Force. He is an author, inventor and policy maker. He has served on the steering committees of the State of Texas Energy Policy Partnership and the Sustainable Energy Development Council under Governor Ann Richards, and the Texas Energy Coordination Council appointed by then Governor George Bush. He has been a renewable energy and climate change activist since the mid 1970’s when he designed and built his first passive solar home. In 1981, he installed the first wind farm in Texas. In 1983, his company, Osborne Solar, became the Solarex distributor for Texas. Throughout the 90’s his company documented and leased the wind resource for the West Texas windfields. He is on of three founding members of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association. His book, Lighthand, is a philosophical look at the human potential in light of the challenge of climate change. His book, Silver in the Mine, is a long term comprehensive energy plan for the City of Austin, Texas. His third is an allegory called Day of the Heart. His most recent work is Beyond Light and Dark. All of his works are available in bookstores and at Amazon.com His blog can be found at Earthfamilyalpha.







   Winifred Adams is a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives along with being a practicing herbologist and iridologist. Winifred combines these skills with her biomechanical and physiology knowledge gained from her experience as an exercise therapist and professional fitness trainer to help her clients find the best course for healing.

  Winifred has also spent 20 years studying Surat Shabd Yoga with an experienced Master. Surat Shabd Yoga is a study of light and sound meditation. Her focus in this discipline allows her to share a unique, energetically refined perspective with her clients.

  Running a successful wellness corporation in Denver, Colorado Winifred’s clientele included CFO’s and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Along with individual consultations Winifred has spoken to groups ranging from church and specialty organizations to engineers from Ball Aerospace.

   Staying up to date with the latest studies in alternative medicine while focusing and refining her own abilities, combined with a high level of personal access has allowed Winifred to help her clients heal the body, mind and spirit.



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