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“Sharing insight, inspiration and healing with people is my life. Thank you for supporting that effort. With Love, W~”






   Winifred Adams is a member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives along with being a practicing herbologist and iridologist. Winifred combines these skills with her biomechanical and physiology knowledge gained from her experience as an exercise therapist and professional fitness trainer to help her clients find the best course for healing.

  Winifred has also spent 20 years studying Surat Shabd Yoga with an experienced Master. Surat Shabd Yoga is a study of light and sound meditation. Her focus in this discipline allows her to share a unique, energetically refined perspective with her clients.

  Running a successful wellness corporation in Denver, Colorado Winifred’s clientele included CFO’s and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Along with individual consultations Winifred has spoken to groups ranging from church and specialty organizations to engineers from Ball Aerospace.

   Staying up to date with the latest studies in alternative medicine while focusing and refining her own abilities, combined with a high level of personal access has allowed Winifred to help her clients heal the body, mind and spirit.