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Professional Wellness Speaker with Live-time Healing™


“Taking Mindfulness To The Next Level”

For over twenty years, Winifred Adams has been sharing her unique skill set with audiences from Ball Aerospace to Healing Seminars. An expert in Body System Health, and Medical Intuition, Winifred expertly brings to each audience her innate ability to connect deeply with each individual for transformational change.

Now poised to share her LIVE-TIME Extreme Healing® skills with the world along with her New book out this spring, Winifred doesn’t just talk about healing, she performs healing in Live Time while working with audiences.

A Member of the National Speakers Association including GLAC,  Women Who Dare, and Women’s Speaker Association, Winifred Adams, is a Premiere Wellness Speaker.

Winifred’s work instantly changes perspectives, lives, and improves overall well-being both for the business team setting as a whole, all the way down to each individual participant.

Winifred’s innate skills as a medical intuitive also extend to a  rare ability to see the problem in a situation and be able to apply a solution that will grow awareness, improving atmosphere, morale, and overall health of any individual or team. She cuts to the origin of the issue with expert advice on permanent change.

To have Winifred speak is an “Experience in Healing.”®


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Our Mission

Winifred Adams and Making Life Brighter is dedicated to optimizing one’s health in an effort toward balanced equipoise, benefiting the body and welcoming the light of spirit into our daily life.  Balanced expression of spirit through the human body in turn radiates to the world around  us, spreading joy. Joy is the inherent birthright of every living creature on Planet Earth.

There is no time like NOW.  GO JOLLY!


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