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Join Winifred in a special show dedicated the Elephant Fundraiser Event in Malibu, supporting the 4 part series on the Free Roam Elephant Sanctuary in Brazil.

Find out first hand from Winifred why is was like in Brazil where the elephants are being moved to. Learn about her journey prior at John of God and then the journey to the land that will be the home for the elephants.

Find out where you can join us for the ART 4 ELEPHANTS event Thursday night!

Learn who our mystery masked man guest will be and why he is making morning show headlines. Find out what impact he is having on potential corruption in his town.

Tune in Thursday at 10am PST, 1pm EST for our special live show tomorrow, the day of the Art 4 Elephant Event in Malibu, CA.

Tune in to find out who our masked man is tomorrow and why his efforts have landed him on national morning shows across the country!

Learn why this individual has taken on what he considers corruption in his community and is creating national awareness.