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Join Winifred this Thursday at 10am PST and 1pm EST with special guest author, Tia Shurina. “Everything and A Happy Ending,” is a unbelievable true story of metamorphic struggle and triumph of self!

Everything and a Happy Ending, a memoir published by Mascot Books, recounts three interconnected relationships & love stories that enabled me to love truly, deeply, & most of all, love myself. A woman’s full circle journey to learn how to really trust, how to “thine own self be true”, & then the real & true love it led me round back to. It shares how the power of love & a journey to intimacy helped flip learned pessimism, reacting in reflex & running from fear into choosing optimism, trusting intuition & rising above the fear. A soulful shift of a story….powerful prose to inspire many women of a certain age through the struggles of accepting a less than satisfying life for themselves & help them trust it’s not too late to write a new ending for their story.

Tia lives in Queens NYC, but spends much time on the Jersey shore, in the bungalows she spent her childhood summers. This is her 1st book. She is an avid runner & yoga enthusiast. As a “woman of a certain age”, soon to celebrate her 53rd birthday, she is, most days, filled with joy. And, every day, filled with peace. Finally. She looks forward to a happy ending each new day now, however it unfolds, whomever it holds, & whatever way the Universe molds. As she continues to create a new “happily ever after”, she stays committed to rising above her fears, moving out of her comfort zones, and going with the flow of her life.