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This Thursday, February 2, 2017, join your host Winifred Adams on the Making Life Brighter Radio show on the Health and Wellness Channel!

In this episode, Medical Intuitive and Master Healer, Winifred takes you into an exploration into healing through the art of responsibility and balance. Exploring Equilibrium is the fine art of balance which is the core of all health, wellness, and enlightenment.

Find out how to achieve equilibrium in your daily life.

Then, don’t miss Special Guest, Mecca Dyas, Author or Busy Bee … Who Me? A delightfully written children’s book, Busy Bee .. Who Me? is not only Fun to read but it’s educational as well!

Join us for ‘Conscious Entertainment’ at 10am PST this Thursday.
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Mecca Dyas , author of Busy Bee Who Me? hails from behind The Orange Curtain(The “OC”) A former professional dancer and fashion stylist extraordinaire! Mecca grew up loving the arts in all mediums. The creation of Bree “The Busy Bee’ came to her as a bedtime story that she told one night on a whim and it magically stuck with her. Through hard and determination, she fulfilled her dream of self publishing “Busy Bee Who Me? through her publishing company Devine Image.
While many childrenʼs books simply tell a story, Mecca Dyasʼs ground-breaking new release fuses an adventurous narrative with a potentially life-changing moral lesson. Titled “Busy Bee Who Me?, the book is helping thousand of children around the world understand the true importance of being helpful and always remaining a team player.