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This Thursday get ready to be INSPIRED! Katy Gaby recorded her Grammy Nominated album, Hymns from Wichita Ave, with only 60 percent lung capacity and she sounds like and angel. Her story is inspiring and humbling.

Dr Scott lost half his tongue to cancer and continues his life-long career as a vocal coach inspiring his students one by one to be their best and deliver from the heart.
He can sing better with half a tongue than most with chops!

Diagnosed with incurable muscle and lung diseases, Katy was inspired to record the songs that lay closest to her heart before potentially losing her ability to sing. She recorded, Hymns from Wichita Ave, with only 60% lung capacity.

The simplicity of a great record can be heard throughout this Grammy contender, Hymns from Wichita Ave. “These songs go back to my childhood, when I was just four years old, singing and playing at a little church in Fort Worth, TX. The church was on Wichita Ave and I have some very fond memories of that place” says Katy.

“Producing this album for Katy and encouraging her to deliver the best possible during her battle with illness is a true testimony to her endurance as an amazing artist,” says Grammy award-winning producer, Chuck Ebert. “She stepped up to the challenge and we captured a moment in time that is truly special.”

Enjoy a time when music was simple, piano and a voice, just singing a song that makes you smile!