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Making Life Brighter Presents:

What’s It Take To Be Great?
(For the Keystone Alliance Gay Life News Letter)
Copyright Feb 11, 2017

Life in duality is polarized and sometimes not so easy. We get moved by other people’s agendas, energy, and even their lies. We also get moved by their love, romantic or familial. It’s life on Earth. Everyone takes. Most give to get, few don’t.
Success, they say, is fleeting so take it while you can get it. “Any publicity is good publicity,” was my ex husband’s motto. I divorced him.
I don’t believe in that. Never have, hopefully never will.
There is an energy exchange to giving and the endless reward is in the presence of giving naturally—even witnessing the giving. Yet, in duality once giving begins, taking usually follows.
“Give an inch and take a mile,” is a phrase we apply to those who we call opportunists. All the while America was built on opportunity. The Native American’s believed in only taking what was needed with no waste. But the white man seeking ‘freedom’ believed in taking and often times with no regret for expansion. It was every man for himself on the frontier but the Indians knew something else.
The Indians knew the truth behind ‘honor.’
First, they honored Great Spirit and respected the ways of the land, the air, the fire, the water, and beyond. Then they honored themselves. Somehow it worked for a long time. But the white man cheated, he came with guns.
In my year-long radio series with Olympic Athletes I explore ‘What It Takes To Be Great.’ What is it that drives these people to focus so intently that all they do is eat, breath and sleep their given sport? What is winning—or is winning even the end game? What does Gold really mean? And once you have it, where does it get you?
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