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Join your host, Winifred Adams, as she talks about ‘The Best Healing Products on the Planet!’

Do you or someone you know suffer from cold sores and herpes? We have a Harvard-study now to prove how effective this product really is! Find out why people who have taken this amazing homeopathic product have seen such instant and amazing results!

Want to heal your gut? Tired of indigestion and general fatigue? Find out why this product is considered the best in the world and the most effective for so many symptoms including digestive-related issues. Considered one of the most healing plants on the planet, find out why this brand is the best!


Andrew Weiss has worked with some of the worlds leading Quantium scientist and is the founder of a Biotherapeutics company in 2002, which has for the first time proven Homeopathy through hard science .

Dedicated to helping people heal worldwide not only with the use of a homeopathic that has been known to be extremely effective for Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sores, Andrew is a visionary for global well-being and the use of quantum physics.