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What’s It Take To Be Great?
(For the Keystone Alliance Gay Life News Letter)
Copyright Feb 11, 2017

Life in duality is polarized and sometimes not so easy. We get moved by other people’s agendas, energy, and even their lies. We also get moved by their love, romantic or familial. It’s life on Earth. Everyone takes. Most give to get, few don’t.
Success, they say, is fleeting so take it while you can get it. “Any publicity is good publicity,” was my ex husband’s motto. I divorced him.
I don’t believe in that. Never have, hopefully never will.
There is an energy exchange to giving and the endless reward is in the presence of giving naturally—even witnessing the giving. Yet, in duality once giving begins, taking usually follows.
“Give an inch and take a mile,” is a phrase we apply to those who we call opportunists. All the while America was built on opportunity. The Native American’s believed in only taking what was needed with no waste. But the white man seeking ‘freedom’ believed in taking and often times with no regret for expansion. It was every man for himself on the frontier but the Indians knew something else.
The Indians knew the truth behind ‘honor.’
First, they honored Great Spirit and respected the ways of the land, the air, the fire, the water, and beyond. Then they honored themselves. Somehow it worked for a long time. But the white man cheated, he came with guns.
In my year-long radio series with Olympic Athletes I explore ‘What It Takes To Be Great.’ What is it that drives these people to focus so intently that all they do is eat, breath and sleep their given sport? What is winning—or is winning even the end game? What does Gold really mean? And once you have it, where does it get you?
Find out the answers from these amazing athletes and join me LIVE at the Grammy’s this Sunday! Find out how you can help OUR Olympiads to the next winter olympics.
Follow me in real time all day and night at the biggest MUSIC event of the year and find out how you can participate with our Olympic hopefuls.
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Miracles in Healing with Medical Intuitive Winifred Adams/GRAMMY WEEK

Miracles in Healing with Medical Intuitive Winifred Adams/GRAMMY WEEK

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Miracles in Healing TODAY on Making Life Brighter with your host, Medical Intuitive, Winifred Adams.

Tune in Live at 10am PST/ 1pm EST for this week’s show on real miracles in healing! Winifred shares some of her most unique healing experiences as a healer and how miracles in live time are not only possible, but they have and can happen!

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Medical Intuitive, Winifred Adams, has been doing healing work for over twenty years and has worked with people suffering from anxiety, trauma, cancers, diseases and many terminal situations as well as simple body system health weaknesses. Combining her unique empathic and intuitive gifts that suits each individual, she has been able to assist those in need, including family’s, and well-known celebrities.

Also gifted in music and Billboard and Asap award winner, Winifred’s music has played in almost every country in the world. She’ll take you into the world of the Grammy’s this weekend to one of the most coveted music events!

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Exploring Equilibrium and Special Guest Author Mecca Dyas

Exploring Equilibrium and Special Guest Author Mecca Dyas

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This Thursday, February 2, 2017, join your host Winifred Adams on the Making Life Brighter Radio show on the Health and Wellness Channel!

In this episode, Medical Intuitive and Master Healer, Winifred takes you into an exploration into healing through the art of responsibility and balance. Exploring Equilibrium is the fine art of balance which is the core of all health, wellness, and enlightenment.

Find out how to achieve equilibrium in your daily life.

Then, don’t miss Special Guest, Mecca Dyas, Author or Busy Bee … Who Me? A delightfully written children’s book, Busy Bee .. Who Me? is not only Fun to read but it’s educational as well!

Join us for ‘Conscious Entertainment’ at 10am PST this Thursday.
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Mecca Dyas , author of Busy Bee Who Me? hails from behind The Orange Curtain(The “OC”) A former professional dancer and fashion stylist extraordinaire! Mecca grew up loving the arts in all mediums. The creation of Bree “The Busy Bee’ came to her as a bedtime story that she told one night on a whim and it magically stuck with her. Through hard and determination, she fulfilled her dream of self publishing “Busy Bee Who Me? through her publishing company Devine Image.
While many childrenʼs books simply tell a story, Mecca Dyasʼs ground-breaking new release fuses an adventurous narrative with a potentially life-changing moral lesson. Titled “Busy Bee Who Me?, the book is helping thousand of children around the world understand the true importance of being helpful and always remaining a team player.

Brittany Reinbolt, Olympic Hopeful : What It Takes To Be Great: Inside the Mind of an Olympic Athlete

Brittany Reinbolt, Olympic Hopeful : What It Takes To Be Great: Inside the Mind of an Olympic Athlete

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Join your host, Winifred Adams, for the next inspiring episode of Making Life Brighter Radio with Olympic Hopeful, Brittany Reinbolt of the US Women’s Bobsled Team.

In this special year-long series following along with athletes as they prepare to make the Olympic Team, find out what makes these people unique and what drives them.

Listen in as Winifred sits down with Brittany Reinbolt in Lake Placid, NY. With a commercial pilot’s license it is no surprise Brittany prefers the drivers seat at 85 miles per hour down the ice shoot for Team USA Women’s Bobsled.

Brittany sits apart from her team with a very convicted and open belief system that steers her each race and along the sometimes challenging climb, to make her dream of GOLD come to fruition.

Before attending a bobsled recruitment camp in March 2011, Brittany Reinbolt was a member of the 2010 women’s national tackle football team and competed in track and field at Winona State University. Reinbolt made the switch from a brakeman to a driver in the 2012-2013 season, and made her debut as a pilot during a December North American Cup in Calgary, Alberta.

Reinbolt is currently enrolled as a student in the Keller Graduate School of Management. When she’s not studying or training, her hobbies include skateboarding and video editing. Her ideal location is, ironically, a warm beach with good surf.


– Rode a motorized scooter 1,800 miles across the country with my sister.
– She is a CFI (certified flight instructor) and also has a commercial pilot license.
– She was a P.E. Teacher and the head girls basketball coach at Augusta High School prior to bobsled.

Career Highlights:

2016-2017 World Cup – 7th in Whistler (12/16); 4th in Lake Placid (12/16)
2016-2017 No

Live from World Cup / HOLIDAY SHOW

Live from World Cup / HOLIDAY SHOW

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This Thursday at 10am PST/ 1pm EST join your host, Winifred Adams, as she recaps the World Cup live in Lake Placid New York!

In sub zero weather athletes came from around the world to compete in the Lake Placid World Cup for Bobsled and Skeleton/Luge.

Winifred recaps the event, what is so unique about the athletes and the shows she is doing with them. She also goes back to share meaningful shows that have tied into and touched us all year long!

Go Jolly with some fun Holiday music by Winifred.

Happy Holidays from Making Life Brighter!!
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